Out and about actively in the Netherlands

You go on holiday in the Netherlands in order to be able to rest and relax completely for a while. For some people this means reading a book in front of the tent, whilst other people enjoy sporting activities. For lovers of sports there are more than enough options. What do you think, for example, of a good hike over the Drentse heathland? Or a mountain bike ride through the woods? In the Netherlands everything is possible!

Walking and cycling in the Netherlands

Through the Staatsbossen woods, over the heathland belonging to Natuurmonumenten, and across the marshes of the Drentse landscape there are hundreds of kilometres of cycling and hiking paths ready and waiting for you. Drenthe has a great variety of routes, which are all equipped with clear signposting. So you cannot get lost, and you will never need to follow the same route twice either on foot or by bike.

These routes enable you to see the most beautiful parts of Drenthe. A number of routes take you via picturesque villages with friendly terraces and small markets. There are also routes that will take you via Drenthe's fine museums. In this way you can soak up the culture at the same time as hiking!

Marvellous wining and dining in the Netherlands

One of the nicest things about the Netherlands is that each province has its own unique characteristics. So each province has its own dialect or accent, and its own customs. This is also true when it comes to eating and drinking. Drenthe is known for having the tastiest dishes and tens of delicacies. Enjoy a taste of old-fashioned 'schapensoep' (lamb soup), and discover the 'Meppeler klokkies' (a liver and bacon dish).

Shopping in the Netherlands

Atmospheric villages with small boutiques, or the fun hustle and bustle of the city with its large chain stores. In the Netherlands you will not be forced to make a choice. You will find everything here for a successful day out shopping. You like to go shopping, but it is not your partners favourite activity? No problem at all. You can enjoy all those nice things, then meet up with everyone at one of the many terraces.

Taking in the culture in the North of the Netherlands

When you think about culture, you probably think immediately of a museum. But in Drenthe culture is much more than that. Here you will find countless farms where you can get to know about the real life of Drenthe. Naturally you cannot leave the province without having visited the Hunebedden (prehistoric burial mounds). This most well-known piece of Drenthe's history remains impressive to see.

Geopark in Drenthe

Unesco has recently named the Hondsrug as the first Geopark in the Netherlands, and we are very proud of that!
In order to discover the history of the Geopark you can go on an expedition. There are various expeditions that have been prepared, based on different elements of history. So you could explore the rich history of art. For example van Gogh painted in Drenthe for a long time, and you can find out more about this at the Van Gogh Huis in Veenoord. Besides these expeditions there are many others, such as an expedition through the fenland, the ice age, pre-history, or water. The expeditions are a fun way to go on a treasure hunt through the history of Drenthe with the whole family.

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