Hiring a safari tent in the Netherlands

Naturally you can travel to Africa if you wish to stay in such a special type of accommodation. Unfortunately it is a long way to go, and not everyone is destined for that. Fortunately Drenthe Campings have solved this problem for you. Because with us you can simply stay in the beautiful nature of the Netherlands in a unique safari tent!

Hiring a safari tent – on safari in the Netherlands

The safari tent is a fully equipped modern tent, in which everything has been thought of. So you have, amongst other things, a spacious shower, luxury beds, a (mobile) kitchen, a TV and your own terrace. The design can vary between campsites, but there is one thing that all the tents have in common: luxury. Because hiring a safari tent means camping in style! This type of camping is also sometimes called glamping. This means that you camp glamorously on a campsite.

A holiday in a safari tent is a real experience

When you think of a safari, you probably think of Africa with its wildlife and beautiful nature. We can tell you that this is all to be found within the environment of the Netherlands! The safari tent is situated in the heart of nature, so that you experience the real outdoors. The advantage of hiring a safari tent in the Netherlands is that the tents are situated on very fine campsites. Naturally you can make use of all the facilities, such as the swimming pool, the sanitary arrangements and the leisure team.

Would you like to know more about safari tents? Then visit the website of the campsite involved, or contact them. They will be pleased to be of further assistance!

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