The nicest campsites for children in the Netherlands

At the friendly children's campsites, the children are at the heart of everything. The Drenthe Campings do everything they can to give your children an unforgettable holiday.

Naturally safety comes first at the children's campsites. The campsites have strict rules covering the circulation of cars, and the accommodation units are suitable for younger guests. Naturally you can camp in your own caravan or tent, but there are also a number of Drenthe Campings that offer chalets, mobile homes, tree houses, safari tents and hikers cabins.

Fun in the playground at our children's campsites in the Netherlands

The child friendly campsites are fully committed to giving your child the time of his or her life. So a lot of play apparatus is present, with which they can play to their hearts content. Mostly this apparatus is located at a central point in the campsite. However there are also campsites where in addition to the central playground, there are also smaller playgrounds on the camping fields themselves. In that way you can keep an eye on things from your camping place.

A refreshing plunge in the swimming pool at the campsite

In addition to a playground, many Drenthe Campings also have one or more swimming pools. For the smallest children there are toddler pools with nice ornamental features, and for older children there are swimming pools with diving boards and slides.

Leisure teams at our child friendly campsites in the Netherlands

Naturally the very best fun is to be had with the leisure team. At many Drenthe Campings leisure teams are present during the holiday period, that organise all sorts of fun activities. Examples of this are creative play afternoons, sport tournaments, and themed evenings. Guaranteed to be fun for both young and old!
We will be pleased to help you choose!

The children's campsites are spread out over the nicest places within the province of Drenthe in the North Netherlands. How can you tell which camping suits you best? Easy, by making use of our unique campsite selector! The only thing that you have to do is to fill in your requirements. The campsite selector then shows you which campsites match these. Searching and booking was never easier!

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