Hiring group accommodation in the Netherlands

You can really do justice to your family weekend or team outing at one of our beautiful Drenthe Campings campsites. A variety of campsites offer accommodation that is perfect for larger groups. This means attractive group accommodation in the Netherlands where you can experience a fun holiday with all your family, friends or colleagues.

Group accommodation in the Netherlands – something for everyone

In terms of desired facilities, you have more than enough to choose from. So there are campsites that offer you enjoyment throughout the day; sport and games, leisure teams, swimming baths and large playgrounds.

If you are more interested in a peaceful campsite where you can hold a team discussion day in peace with your colleagues, we recommend one of the group accommodation facilities at one of the nature campsites. Here you are only risk being distracted by the relaxed atmosphere, the wonderful peace, and the beautiful environment.

Also in terms of facilities, your every wish will be met. So all the group accommodation is fully equipped and provides the required level of luxury. For example at a number of campsites you can make free use of internet, and there is a modern kitchen and a spacious bathroom.

Discover the north of the Netherlands from your group accommodation

During your stay in group accommodation you can enjoy all the beautiful things that the Dutch province of Drenthe has to offer. For example, think of endless woodland and heathland, but also attractive villages and cities. You can always go there for a friendly bite to eat and a drink!

The campsites below offer special facilities for larger groups. Would you like to know more about group accommodation, the costs, or maybe about packages? Then please feel free to contact the campsite involved. They will be pleased to be of further assistance.

Drenthe Campings on the map

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