Special places to stay in the Netherlands

Enjoy your holiday in a very special way! Various campsites in Drenthe offer you the most original options for accommodation in the North Netherlands.

What do you think, for example, of waking up with your head amongst the leaves, and with a beautiful bird on your window sill? If you stay for a night in the special tree house this is perfectly possible. If you want to spend a night in a safari tent you don't need to go to Africa nowadays. A number of Drenthe Campsites also have one available for you. And with a bit of luck you will also spot the 'wild' animals!

Special overnight stays - something for you?

The options described above are just the tip of the iceberg. Staying in a shepherd's hut or a hayloft is great fun and a real experience. You've never had such a special stay!

Do you wish for any special facilities at your campsite? Then make use of our campsite selector. After filling in the selector you will only see those campsites that match your wishes.

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